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Ballyboughal's countryside WAY MARKED WAY 'Sli na Sceacha'.

We provide information on activities and habitats related to hedges!

Hedges are an important part of our experience of the country, not only for the wide range of trees, hedging, shrubs and other plants that grow there, but also for the many animals and other forms of wildlife that live at the margins of fields.

Our mission is to conserve and maintain Ireland's 'living boundaries' .

According to the new Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 it is

(a) an offence to cut, grub, burn or destroy from 1 March up to 31 August any vegetation growing on any uncultivated land.

(b) to cut grub or burn or destroy any vegetation growing in any HEDGE or DITCH during the above-mentioned period.

Public safety or health works by the government are exempt as is vegetation clearing in course of road or other construction works for building.

The 10 most asked questions about hedges!

A New Walking Route

'New Way Marked Way - Sli na Sceacha in Ballyboughal, Co. Dublin.
It consists of a 6 Mile Walking and Cycling Route along Hedge-lined country lanes in Ballyboughal.
It has been funded by the Heritage Council

Click here for downloadable map (pdf)

More info Ann - 01-8433745.
Private themed guided tours available'

The development of this Website was supported by a grant from the Heritage Council