What Butterflies might you find in a hedge?

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The greater the variety of plants and flowers in a hedge then the greater the number of types of butterfly you are likely to find. Many butterflies need specific plants or flowers to breed and feed. Also many butterflies in Ireland are visitors, migrating from other countries in the warmer weather.

Butterflies are grouped in families that reflect their colour!

Below you will find an alphabetical list, by family, of many of the butterflies that you might commonly find in Irish hedgerows.


Green-veined White /Artogeia napi

Common and widespread. Similar to Small White except for veins on underside of wing.

Large White/Pieris brassicae

Very common and widespread.

Small White/Artogeia rapae

Very common and widespread. Similar to Large White in appearance.

Wood White/Leptidea sinapis

Widespread. Found mostly at woodland margins, hedgegrows.

Orange Tip/Anthocharis cardamines

Common and widespread. Roadsides, wet meadows and marshes.

Brimstone/Gonepteryx rhamni
Likes Buckthorn Plants

Clouded Yellow/Colias crocea

Migrant, mainly found in southern and coastal areas. More likely to be seen during good weather.

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